Wednesday, March 27, 2013


  1. Oh come on, being stuck in that sexy body isn't bad ;) Its awesome.

  2. Boy does the author of this post not understand the United States of America.

    One, the biggest problem is the post implies that being made a young black woman is going to destroy your life compared with being a white male. Um the Republican party wants blacks to succeed. Our idea is that you shouldn't need the government to survive. Some typical Obama voters show up and want government goodies and don't think they have to do anything. This "Victim" according to your post will go out and get a job. They will get training if necessary. And if they find out their current idendity is using government assistance will stop.

    Two, this post implies that blacks are better off with Democrats than Republicans. Name a major city in America. You have two things likely to be true. It is likely to have lots of blacks and have been run by democrats for a long time. In Minnesota the two biggest cities are run by democrats and have had one mayor for four years as Republican (and that was a conservative who switched from being a democrat to a republican). Both Minneapolis and Saint Paul are in bad shape and their minority population is being screwed. Name a large city in America where blacks are doing good. I can't and that is in part because the city you're likely to name has been run for democrats for years.

    Three, your post implies that it is the Republicans who are cheaters. Oh really who was that election judge who was caught voting multiple times. That was an Obama supporter. One polling place in 2012 had Obama posters all over it. The Justice Department went to war on states that were trying to implement voter ID. If you need to show ID to get liquor, or to fly, or to smoke, what is wrong with showing ID to vote? Oh that's right you want people to vote even if they might not be legal or if they can't vote on their own just cast their ballot for them. And lets not forget in 2000 when Gore was trying to steal the election he did everything possible even though Joe Libermann didn't like it not to count the votes of military members from overseas. Democrats are the cheaters not the Repubicans.

    And four, the post implies that the Repubicans are all white and old. Oh really you haven't heard of Mia Love? Oh that's right the racist democrat voters in Utah voted against her because she was black. We have Susana Martinez who can get the budget for the state of New Mexico to balance without doing tax increases by cutting spending.

    Get real. That post you put up doesn't reflect the United States of the America the greatest nation on Earth.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

    1. You are reading WAY too much into things, Walter.

    2. Yeah Alicia, get real... In a bodyswap caption. :P

    3. That was a really well thought out comment compared to the idiocy I normally see in the comments so I'll give the poster major props for that.